So I'll be putting general news on here - things that don't need to go into Helen's Blog like up and coming events or new artwork series or goodies to buy.

Time to try something new...


I have decided to try a new style for the website as it hasn't changed in ages! I haven't had the chance (or the health) to do much with my site and have spent more time putting images and my thoughts on my art Facebook page. I really must sit down and spend a (!) going through here and thoroughly revamping things. It starts with a new look, so we'll see how this goes. Then I can add some more up-to-date photos and news when I have a block of time to devote to this. It's one of those things, where you get so devoted to your artwork that you actually forget to let people know about it! I really must get into the habit of putting information and images on here as well as Facebook.

Oh dear the health side of things has slipped again!


It seems to be the way that when you think one thing is going swimmingly that another thing goes 'boing!' This has happened with my health. My thyroid has gone overactive and I mean really overactive! Last week it was so high that it had gone off the scale! I'm on the right meds now and it is slowly coming back to normal but it has really put a dent in my ability to do projects, what with shaky hands. I'm really hoping things will settle down soon as I have so much stuff I want to achieve this year.

There's no time like at the last minute! Part 2


Well, I got the illustration done! I worked through yesterday and today to get it completed. It is a big deal for me, as it is the first illustration that I've done, that will be published. I just hope that it has gotten there in time to go to print.

There's no time like at the last minute!


I had a call from the editor of "Purbeck!" magazine, asking me to do an illustration of some lemons in watercolour, for an article on jam making. He needs it NOW! Mad rush to get started, watch this space.

OOOoooooh! A commission!


That's lovely! I got a commssion to do some 'Water Sprites' - yey! That really makes my day as Fantasy Art is the way I would really like to go, with my work. I get to 'play' and use my imagination, instead of having to stay in the real world with the art.

Cowboy/Knight paintings in the works...


I went to the Dorset County Show last September and saw an excellent event showing horse training techniques. As soon as I saw this chap with a cowboy hat and this gorgeous grey horse, I just KNEW I would be doing some 'Cowboy' paintings at some point! Mind you, I can see him as a knight in armour too! So watch this space as I took quite a few photos and I think a series of paintings might well be the result. :o)

Oh! Alright then, so maybe it does....


Helen got really confused when what she was doing was completely the opposite of the site instructions and yet actually got what she wanted! The dates in ascending order. Sigh.

Site not putting articles in ascending order!


Helen became rather frustrated today as she was unable to get the news and blogs to go in ascending order so that people will not get hacked off at looking at the same news over and over and over and over.......