Cue 'Take Hart' music and off we go - you have to be of a certain age to remember it!

Gallery 1 - Some of the pictures in this gallery were commissions, which have gone around the world! If you like anything, send me a message and I can re-make some of these pictures for you. I am in the process of getting more art work done for sale and am looking into getting my work made into prints, cards etc. in the near future. I haven't put prices by anything yet but as soon as I have a price list available, you'll be the first to know! If you like what you see let me know and I'll organize something with you. Prices negotiable.

Gallery 2 - Media Test Pages - These are from my sketchbooks where I have tested new media or have been trying out new subjects that I haven't done before. I like to try other artists' ideas in 'how-to' books as well as my own experiments. I think it is interesting to see the process showing how something is created. You can see my colour tests and ways of creating texture - all sorts of things! I'm also including drawings/paintings from sketchbooks, done whilst out on my travels.

Gallery 3 - Purbeck! - These are illustrations that I have done for the Purbeck! magazine. This is produced in Dorset and covers the Isle of Purbeck (hence the name) and although I don't live there now I have been asked to continue with my arty projects for them. I am happy to as I love that part of the county and country!