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Just breathe Helen...

I decided to take the day away from the computer to get some art done. That didn't happen and now I'm on here this evening wondering if there is anything I can be getting on with that needs tweaking before going live. Plenty I should imagine! I have realized that I'm doing this all backwards. I should have gotten the art work done first and THEN got the website but I can't really do anything about it - I've gotten onto this roller-coaster ride and I'll be on until the end now. I just feel a bit of a wobbly moment coming on at the thought of all the work and things that I have to do to become a jobbing artist, such as getting this site to go live. Being an artist is easy - it's the 'getting paid for it' part that is hard! You have to believe in yourself even more and trust that people will like what you are doing. Now I can see why blogs are so popular. I never would have had space to put all this down in a diary!

I tried to think of a picture that reflected how I feel. Well I have one that my Kodak Scan Programme has butchered again. I painted conkers (Horse Chestnuts) last year as part of my watercolour studies and this process reminds me of that. This is like a game of 'conkers' - you hold on tight to your conker and bit of string (or shoe lace as it used to be for us!) and try to smash the opponent's conker into a thousand tiny pieces. Now think of it as game of strategy where you try to outwit your opponent. Now put this in context - I'm braining myself on a brick wall trying to get a scanner to scan something that it should be able to scan, use a computer that doesn't want to compute and hold on for dear life to my dreams in the hope that somehow I will keep going for long enough to get all this sorted without my tiny little mind imploding! Yes, I can see why people like to blog now.