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So here we are - LIVE!

Yes! I've gone live with the site officially and I hope that people will like what they see. It still feels rather daunting but I do feel like I can cross something off my ever-growing list of things to do! I still have LOADS of art to be getting on with - my list of projects has grown. I keep a book to keep all my project information in and the current number I've gotten up to is 127. I've managed to whittle that down by three or four things but still, that is a lot of projects to be getting on with. That doesn't include everyday chores or office-type stuff, just actual art projects. It'll take me years! At least I can never say I am bored!

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go live as it happens as the phone line went out and stayed out for four days. You really get isolated when you have no phone or internet. I suppose it comes of living in a forest; you are isolated enough as it is and then you have no way of contacting anyone - ugh! So thank goodness that is all sorted out. I wasn't sure if the weather might interfere with things - I mean a couple of drops of rain and the Sky satellite dish has a fit - but it has all been working okay; although we were pretty fortunate with the snow, all things considered. Only 2 or 3 inches so far. Phew!

I spoke too soon. Although I don't think it is the weather acting up. I think it is Bob, my computer. He won't load any of my photos at all! BAD BOB! So I'll have to add a photo of the snow scene outside, when he's behaving again.