Helen's Blog

Today I am mostly painting Textures.

I have a book by Cathy Johnson, on how to create textures in watercolour. It isn't exactly a 'how-to' book although she describes what she uses to create textures. She doesn't say which colours she uses and most of the time not even which brush she uses either. I have been working through the book, painting the examples she provides, to try out for myself how to create the correct texture and which technique to use to make it look like her example. It has been quite an experience actually.

I'm getting better at colour blending and have figured out what brushes I would use for this type of painting. Some things I like and others, not so much. However, it is highlighting to ME, what MY style is. I might use some of the techniques I have learned in my own work. Goodo! I'm so used to drawing instead of painting but I must admit that there is something so freeing - and rather amazing - about mixing colours and creating different textures purely based on how you move the brush about. I know - I'm easily pleased!

Anywho, the photo is of my attempt at some grasses. You can't see it very well here I suppose so I'll add it to the Test Page Gallery too. :o)