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I can see clearly now...

Now that I have managed to get some projects completed, I feel like my mind is more 'clear' - less cluttered. Although, having said that, my study/studio is looking like a complete tip and that usually indicates the complete opposite! A cluttered room is the sign of a cluttered mind, that's what I always say. Well at least my mind is a bit more settled. I am trying to do so much in a small space of time and it is hard to know what order to do things in sometimes. I do feel like I can see clearly toward the next few months though and that can only be a good thing. I also feel good about the work that I am producing. It's not too shabby at all and my confidence is increasing with each new piece of work done. I knew I always had what you'd call a 'natural' talent for art; but it still takes a lot of practice to feel like you are 'good' at art as well. I have great potential - now all I have to do is really - Oh I can't believe I'm going to type this - "Knuckle down to your work!" It is what my brother Martin would write on the back of my hand every day before I went to school! Actually he wrote the first letter of each word - KDTYW!

I hated school and never felt I learned anything there. I wish I HAD knuckled down to my work! I got interested in and started learning AFTER I left school. It is because they never taught you HOW to learn! You should teach kids THAT first and THEN the individual subjects. Teachers never took into account the fact that some kids - like me - who were visual learners. Mick Aston (Archaeologist on "Time Team") wrote in one of his books, "Tell me something and I'll forget it. Show me something and I'll remember it. Let me try something and I'll understand it." Why couldn't they have done that at school, instead of talking with dictation to write down and copying stuff off the blackboard. I think that is why I did okay at art as a subject, as it is practical.