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Things just take over your life.

Things really do take over your life. We are planning for a move of house at some point, now the decision to move has finally been made. I've packed up half of my possessions to go into storage, including about half of my art equipment. Well the study/studio was looking like a tip - good luck selling the place if you can't move for art equipment. You have to be careful how you breathe at the best of times in my study in case something goes flying from excessive movement of the diaphram! Okay, so maybe that is a bit over the top; but it felt like that! So it is all boxed up, and ready to put into storage.

If it hasn't been sorting out boxes and inventories, it's been painting, which let's face it is rather important! I haven't had time to put much on here as I'm working my way through some art books on textures and the like and nothing is really good enough (for my exacting standards) to put on here. I'm sure that I will get some more finished bits of work done soon though to put on and make it look like I know what I'm doing! He he! :o)