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Today I have mostly been...

Today I have mostly been reading from "Drawing and Painting Fantasy Figures" to get me back into drawing. It is apt that this book is Project One in my list of things to do. I have WELL over a hundred projects to be getting on with and I flit about between one project and another. If I didn't have Fibromyalgia, I might just go in some linear progression - Project One, Project Two...Project Three?! :o) But with my brain doing its own funny, fuzzy sort of thing most of the time, I like to break things up so that I can feel, well fresh in the brain, if that makes sense? If I do the same thing over and over, I not only get to feel like something is becoming a chore but I get tired and confused and I don't like feeling like that. Hence, I find it easier to do some painting and then some drawing and then some fantasy and then some botanical art et cetera. Of course, that means that I'm whizzing around my project book like a blue-backed fly with a headache!