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Now I can get organized.

These last few days, I've been itemizing things in boxes that will go into storage. It is strange thing to see a good half of my possessions boxed up like this. It is also hard to know what I will need to keep here for projects and the like. Knowing me, I'll still have WAY TOO MUCH stuff here in the study and won't use half of it!

I ordered a book via Amazon, which arrived today: "The KISS Guide to Organizing Your Life". I would recommend it to anyone who finds their days feeling rather full! I can't wait to read it and put the tips into action. I have read this book before, so I know it is a good read and it really does have some brilliant ideas and hints to help you get your life working the way you want it to! Dr Donald Wetmore is the author - well worth a look if you want to get the most out of and improve all areas of your life. Here endeth the lesson!