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I didn't realize I had so much stuff!

The folks and I went to The Range today to get some plastic boxes to put all my stuff into and even though we got lots of big boxes, I am NOT sure it will be enough for all the stuff that I want to put into storage. I must have gotten VERY good at hiding things as I didn't know I had all THIS!

It's madness in my study right now, especially as I decided that to make more space in the study it would be a really good idea to get rid of my computing desk and put my 'puter on my writing desk. It remains to be seen if this will be considered a wise move in the long run! Dorset Reclaim (I think) is coming to collect a bureau of Mum's anyway, so they will take the computer desk too. I must admit though that I think I will miss the chance to lay out A3 sketchbooks on my writing desk if I feel like working at that desk instead of the drawing desk. I like having choice and I'm losing that choice by doing this... only time will tell.