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Back to textures

I'm back to painting textures in watercolour again. I just can't seem to stay away from the paint for long! I avoided painting, especially in watercolours for so long, because I thought it would be difficult to learn. I mean that is generally the way this medium is described. 'Choose Acrylics, it's much easier and better, blah, blah'. I don't know if that is actually the case as I have not tried Acrylics yet. I've heard about them ruining your brushes if you don't wash them out quickly enough, so it scares me to get into it! I mean, brushes are expensive! Maybe I will change my mind once I start using them. :o)

Anyway, although I have experienced the usual messy mistakes, I'm glad that I have taken up watercolours. Now I just have to learn ALL the tricks of the trade, including how to do all those textures... you know I never knew how amazingly crafty the Watercolourists were until I started practising those techniques myself. :o)