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Must do some paintings of this place some day!

We went to Corfe Castle today for a bit of shopping and a mooch. Well I don't know if you know of this place but the village of Corfe Castle is made out of the castle... Let me explain - the castle itself was destroyed during the civil war and the village used the stone to make houses and other buildings and so I guess that is why every building looks like all the others!

I love the ruins of the castle though. It looks so forlorn, with all the walls standing at the most peculiar angles, not surprising really, as the place was blown up! I wish it were still whole though as it has a lot of history. King John even had rooms built there, so that's going back a ways in history.

I took a few photos and the sky was very atmospheric; lots of dark clouds. I hope I can use these and other photos I've taken of the castle, for some paintings or drawings at some point. I want to do some touristy works and some fantasy works...well this is the thing; a destroyed castle is just screaming out for a dragon to be the cause of the chaos, don't you think? :o)