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Bored with Sprites!

I'm bored with the Sprites at the moment! I've been working on Test Page 1 of "Water Sprite 12" and I've hit a brick wall of "I don' wanna!"... So, I've put all my stuff for them away for a bit. As I have a commission for "Man and Bike" (a man and his beloved motorbike), I want to do a few test pages for that to see what I want to do for the general background and composition.

My friend Pete says I should do something completely different when I'm feeling bored like this, so I don't get disheartened with art in general. I don't want my art to ever feel like a chore. Now that is not the best word to use, especially as I just said I was bored; but I don't want to get grumpy at the thought of a project, so something different it is!