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Trying to get organized in other ways...

Today I got a £25 e-voucher for Amazon, from my friend Cate...it's my birthday soon you see. Anyway, a thought that has been flitting through my mind lately is that I want to be a lot more organized and by that I don't just mean having a tidy study. What I mean is, that I am trying to get on top of all the things in my head! I'm not really a technically minded person and having an electronic organizer doesn't appeal to me. There's no point in me having a 'smart' card because I don't even get a phone signal where I live - oh the joys of living in the middle of a forest! - so I decided to use the money to order a red Metropol, personal-sized Filofax. I also ordered a couple of art books - you have have to be PARTLY sensible when you have spare money don't you?! :o)