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Oh wow! I have great friends!

I got a £100 gift card for Amazon from my friend Ellen AND an e-voucher for £30 from my brother Martin and sister-in-law Kathryn too! I had GREAT fun looking on Amazon and figuring out what I was going to buy with that little lot!

I ordered a blue Finsbury personal-sized Filofax (the red one I've already ordered will be for my every-day stuff and this blue-one will house my wish lists and shopping lists and the like. I also ordered some refills for the filofaxes and three art books - as I said before, you do have to get SOME sensible things when you get extra money! :o)- and some CDs of Harry Potter film soundtracks. Now I'll have all of the music from the film series and I can listen to them (once I've downloaded them onto my mp3 player) when I'm doing my art work. I got a dvd set for a favoured show - "Criminal Minds" and an art 'journal' by Derwent that I will use for making notes on my Water Sprite commission. I really do have some wonderful friends and family and I feel truly blessed...and excited...I'm getting goodies for my birthday! Well in the next week or so anyway! :o)