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Another one!

I've been organizing the two filofaxes I bought recently these last few days and it is apparent to me just how useful they have been in such a short space of time. So, when I had the chance to go into Poole today and I saw a raspberry Metropol personal-sized Filofax for sale...I snapped it up! That makes three in this range, as I also have a lavender-coloured on that I bought from Filofax themselves (on their website). I'm using it for my art projects. This raspberry one, well, I think I will put the 'Travel Pack' that I bought for my birthday and pop it in this filofax. Then the next time I (if EVER) go on holiday, I can use it to keep a journal for the time away, as well as having all my addresses handy, so I can post goodies/postcards etc to my friends around the world.

I have been putting the odd layer of watercolour paint down lately on the clothes and bike on Test Page 1 of "Man and Bike" and today was no exception. How many layers does it need?! I don't know, I've never painted anything like this before!