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It'll be all Water Sprites from here I think...

Today I started testing paint colours for "Test Page 2 of Water Sprite 3" using a triad colour scheme of a blue-green, yellow-orange and red-violet. I've got a sketchbook that I'm dedicating to this project and I can put my colour ideas in there. It will make it a lot easier to see what I've done for other Sprites then and try out similar or different schemes. Anyway I've mixed the colours I need from these three colours: Quinacradone Magenta, Indian Yellow and Cobalt Turquoise Light - I'm calling them Triad 1. I added in a bit of colour with Phthalo Turquoise and Manganese Blue Hue but these fell under the blue-green part of the triad.

I also started work developing the design for "Water Sprite 2" on layout paper. This lady is more exciting than the WS3 design because she is going to be sitting on some weed tied together to make a swing. The other designs so far are basically just floating in water so it will be nice to see what I can come with for a more dynamic pose.