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I became a member of the SAA...

Today I became a standard member of the SAA - The Society for All Artists, on a yearly subscription. I got 500 Loyalty Points (worth £5.00) for joining plus another 25 (worth 25p) because I also spent over £15 on some art materials in their online shop. I bought a couple of brushes and some Permanent Wild Rose watercolour paint that is in Terry Harrison's range of colours. Funny though, he doesn't have any to sell on HIS OWN site at the moment! However, I did also go onto Terry Harrison's site too and ordered a "Wipe Away Tool Set" for use with masking fluid; his own brand "Masking Fluid Brush", a "Splatter Tool" and "Tarmac", another in this range of watercolours.

I read more of his book "Terry Harrison's Complete Guide to Watercolour Landscapes", for Project 110.