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Oh dear, that doesn't sound good...

Today, my ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) advisor, Moira, left me a phone message to say that she tried to get onto this site and apparently it was asking her for a security code?! She said it appeared as though my site was a phishing site - which I know full bloomin' well it isn't. So I went on Facebook and asked lots of random friends who happened to be on, both in the UK and abroad, to go onto my website and see if they encountered the same problem. NO-ONE did. I don't understand that at all.

One of my Facebook friends, Caroline, also suggested that in addition to having my own website, that I consider trying to sell my work on Esty.com; so I set up an account and profile page with them.
I don't have anything to SELL yet but in time it might be another place for people to see my work. I mean I DO really need to get it OUT THERE, don't I?

I also put down a background wash layer, with sea salt, onto "Water Sprite 2" - Test Page 1. I also started putting down a 1st Detail Layer on this painting.