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It's been too long!

It really has been too long! Well probably not by the time I'm done catching up with this thing...Here is the thing then...I have been unwell. Yeah I've been unwell for years and years so what is new. No the thing is that going online to organize even this blog has been a job that I have been dreading because every time I plan to do something on this site, I just seem to end up getting a headache. I mean not just pain in the head but Bob (my aged computer) is the best thing to do this blogging and faffing with my website from and he is OLD. He crashes, he whines, I swear and nothing seems to get done. For example, it has taken me about an hour to just get on here to start typing as everything was going wrong. Crash, wait, swear and it puts you off you know?!

Anyway, I received a copy of the latest 'Purbeck!' journal (an article about making home-made marshmallows!) and it mentions my website address at the back of the mag, so I had better do something new! I mean I got the website to put all my art on and yet I don't seem to get stuff done when I'm on here swearing at Bob for being old and at Devlin (my new laptop) for having such a small screen, that I seem to spend all my time using the mouse to try and move to a new part of the page. Sigh. Well I know I should have this site up to date and I will endeavor to get it up to scratch for you. I DO actually have some art to show you and I have lots of practice work to scan and all sorts of ideas to mention. So why haven't I?

Because it takes time...and from Christmas last year (December 2014 that is) I had migraine-strength headaches that were making doing this seem like banging my head against a brick wall would have been less painful. But new glasses and a fancy new printer and laptop (even if I AM using Bob to type this now) and I really have NO excuse not to do something about getting this site and this blog up to date. As to the oddness of my first couple of sentences...well did you know that I keep a daily log of what I do that is arty and creative in a filofax? That is what a blog is supposed to show isn't it? Hmmm well, I am going to try and do a few days typing (and hopefully not swearing) where it really needs to be put in to get you all caught up with what I've been doing. Then when you have gone through the blog chronologically, you will read this and go - 'huh?' Well there you are, this came first and then the others with the earlier dates! Aren't I naughty!

I really have no excuse to NOT get this done and typed up and faffed about with and arty bits added on a regular basis, I mean I DO pay for this site don't I? I just need the oomph to get on with it. :o)